Lesley's Story

Lesley was only 25 years old when she started to notice her hair was thinning. She started buying all different products from the local supermarket from thickening shampoos and conditioners as well as mousses and gels, but nothing was making it better. When she went to the hairdresser, she started telling her about how much finer her hair was now and was sold $400 worth of different products. None of them worked.

Lesley changed her diet to include more protein limited her alcohol intake and started exercising regularly thinking that this was going to help her hair. IT DIDN'T. She then started researching hair loss in young people and bought yet another load of products setting her back $800 to no avail. She was losing her confidence rapidly and felt that everyone she spoke to was looking at her hair. It didn't matter how lovely her clothes were or how nice her make-up was, she felt she looked awful.  
Lesley started to wear hair bands and then thicker hairbands but felt that they were rubbing her thinning hair away. She also tried silk and satin pillowcases but that didn't help either. Lesley tried solutions and vitamins but felt that none of them had high-quality ingredients that would help grow her hair back to how it used to be.

Not able to accept that this situation was ongoing, she started spending money on going to see trichologists and having expensive needling treatments which did nothing at all. At the same time as this was happening, Lesley was talking to a friend who had breast cancer for chemo treatments and felt guilty about complaining about her hair loss when they started speaking to a lady who told them about a company called Hairgeniks that had helped someone grow their hair back after chemo.

Lesley contacted Hairgeniks that provided a supplement packed with the finest sourced ingredients and never looked back. Within two weeks she noticed a lack of hair shedding onto her clothes, then the magic started to happen. Fine hairs started to appear which after about 3 months began to get really strong and her eyelashes became thicker as well. One year on and Lesley has her hair back her confidence back and has started to be able to highlight her hair without breakage.