About Us


Chief Executive Officer at Hairgeniks

Health, fitness & beauty has been the core of Karen Adams’ focus her entire adult life. Born and raised in New York City, this mother of three had an interest in fitness starting at an early age. Karen started her career as a certified trainer at Bally’s Total Fitness where her people skills, marketing savvy and an eye for future development and opportunities became apparent to upper management.

Karen quickly rose through the ranks at Bally, finally garnering a position as a member of the Executive Management Team. There, she played a key role in opening new facilities, enhancing the company’s brand and creating strategic marketing plans. Karen was later instrumental in the
successful launch of The Vertical Club and since its inception, Crunch and Equinox Fitness Clubs as well. 

Ready for a new challenge, Karen relocated to the West Coast 3-years ago, where she met Suzie. Together they founded Hairgeniks, a hair growth product for men and women utilizing all natural FDA approved ingredients. Hairgeniks stimulates hair growth, fights hair loss and reactivates hair follicles.


Co-Founder at Hairgeniks

Like many others has suffered from thinning hair since her 20s. In 1996 Suzie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, where by she was recommended radio therapy as part of her treatment. Whilst the radio therapy save her life, it did worsen her hair thinning condition which pushed Suzie to breaking point.

After many years of experimenting with various products which never lived up to her expectations, Suzie took matters into her own hands and begun extensive research to find the perfect combination of vitamins, which actually showcased the results she had been searching for.

After just a few short months of using her perfected formula, Suzie gained her thick hair and confidence back and now bleaches, styles and highlights her hair without fear of it thinning, breaking or falling out. Suzie and the Hairgeniks team now strive to give their customers the same level of confidence that comes with thick, luxurious and shiny hair!


Karen and co-founder Suzie are also deeply passionate about Hairgeniks for personal reasons. Both are cancer survivors and understand what renewed hair growth
means to survivors of this debilitating disease. Both also use Hairgeniks on a daily basis.

You can contact us at hairgeniks@gmail.com