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Hairgeniks Grow Multi- Vitamins

Improves hair growth, strength and thickness. 80% saw visible reduction in hair loss after three months. Clinically effective nutraceutical. Natural and 100% drug free.

Contains : 90 Capsules

Daily dosage : 1 capsule

$160 3 month supply

$120/3 month supply

quarterly subscription delivered to your door

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Take your hair growth to the next level.

Improve hair growth, naturally.

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Co Founder of Hairgeniks

” We recognized that a lot of people , around the world were all battling the same hair problems,
That’s why we created Hairgeniks -to be the #1 solution to eradicate hair loss and improve hair growth . At Hairgeniks we are committed to helping people by offering solutions for strong, healthy hair.


F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions)

Short answer: Yes!

Fun fact: Your hair type is determined by the shape of the follicle that your hair grows from. If your follicle is flat or more oval shaped, the curlier your hair, while the more circular the follicle is, the straighter the hair. Hairgeniks includes nutrients needed by all hair types and textures in all their glory.

Hairgeniks is effective for men and women and all hair types. The grow multivitamin has a specialized formula for menopause- pre, during and post, as well as hormonal imbalances l(such as PCOS) as well as a separate, additional  treatment specifically for men.

Each of our products and services are designed to suit the unique needs of both sexes.

Vitamins and minerals like biotin and zinc, as well as marine collagen (protein), are important for maintaining healthy hair because they support each other to provide necessary nutrients for your tresses.

However, the rest of your body needs some backup and that’s where our other ingredients come in.

Think of it like watering a plant in sick soil. It doesn’t matter how much you water it if the roots are in an unhealthy environment. Same with a follicle – if you don’t address the underlying causes at the root, the follicle is unlikely to absorb and use the nourishment. 

Even if you’re not losing your hair, you can take Hairgeniks to get a jump start on making your hair as resilient as you are.

Hairgenik’s  formulas are designed to treat hair health from a holistic approach.

The boosts you get from the antioxidant and anti-stress properties in Hairgenik’s ingredients have been clinically-shown to improve hair growth and quality and keeping it right where it belongs.

Basically, making you healthier inside makes you glow on the outside.

Since most of Hairgenik’s ingredients are the purest ones provided by Mother Nature, it does not come with side effects that other pharmaceutical-based treatments do.

In fact, our clinical study saw no reported side effects – aside from the good stuff like great skin, better sleep and improved mood. We guess you could add “lots of compliments” to the list as well!

Choosing to take control of your hair health is already a remarkable achievement. Congratulations! By taking a stand to do what you can to keep your hair, regardless of stage or age, you are already on the road to success.

Everyone is different. Generally, when someone begins their journey with Hairgeniks, they start to see some results early on.

But let’s be honest – patience, like hair, is something we all wish we had more of. Growing… hair… takes… time. It’s a complicated process. But there are things we can do to kick-start the action. There’s no magic pill here… just a great way to support wellness from within by nourishing the environment that makes hair happy.

Of course, consistency is key. If you take Hairgeniks daily for 1-3 months, here’s a snapshot of what you’re likely to experience:

Month 1-3: Set the stage for growth. The botanicals and supportive nutrients are working to balance your system and target the factors affecting your hair.

Month 3-6: Start seeing healthy hair growth.

Month 7+: Stay committed. Stay growing.

Commitment has its rewards. Our ingredients are shown to promote hair growth, more shine, better texture, stronger hair, and enhanced volume. In fact, many people tell us they experience better sleep, less stress, and clearer skin too – a little something we call side benefits.


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