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Most people experience thinning hair at some point.

If you’re one of them, you’re one of us.

Founder of Hairgeniks


Several of the men in her family were doctors and bio-chemists in England and most of them suffered from thinning hair and baldness.

Over time, they developed, updated and improved a liquid topical solution that successfully reversed hair loss and stimulated new growth.

And Suzie was not “immune” to her familial tendencies, self-describing her hair as “lousy”.

After completing her education at university, she pursued a career as a beauty and makeup artist on film sets in Europe followed by a successful family owned bridal shop for over 25 years.

When she closed her bridal shop, she set out to find and develop additional product(s) that would complement the liquid solution that had already had proven success with male clientele.

In 2016, the formula that is Hairgeniks GROW was launched, providing relief to the broad population plagued by thinning hair
and balding.

“Now Hairgeniks offers a full product set available to men and women, teenagers and the elderly…all impacted by things such as hormones, childbirth,

menopause, diet – an all-holistic product that offers a large population relief from the disappointment of thinning hair ”.

I know – I take Hairgeniks GROW vitamins and it has improved my lousy  hair ”tremendously.”


Co Founder of Hairgeniks


Karen has made helping people look, and feel better, that has been her life’s work – literally!

Starting her career at Bally’s Fitness as a personal trainer, she quickly elevated into  management, as well as becoming the Spokesperson for the company.

Karen followed up by helping launch the fashionable Vertical Club, and since its inception, Crunch and Equinox. 

She also built an immensely successful, personal training, and fitness facility, while raising her 3 children.

After decades in the fitness business, Karen evolved into the world of beauty, and trained as an assistant to one of the top Women Plastic Surgeons in New York City.

Now in California, it seemed fortuitous that she’d meet and partner up with Suzie . 

Karen was Impressed with the all-natural vitamin line that was developed, tested, and proven,  to be the perfect complement to the long-standing men’s solution, which had an established track record of success in Europe.

“I was especially interested in developing a complete product line that served both men, AND women, to help grow, and maintain healthy hair.

Hairgeniks vitamins adjunct to the men’s treatment in terms of maintenance and continued growth, but also offer a solution for women of all ethnicities and hair types. I believe that when people look good, they feel good. 

That’s why I am so  excited about the synergy of Hairgeniks for both men, and women.


Amazing Hairgeniks Transformations

our story
our story

Trusted by Doctors, Scientists, Men and Women around the world

Dan Sincere
" Hairgeniks has gave this community of hair problems hope that we can all have healthy ,bold , strong hair "
Tony Walker
" I use to be balding since my late 20's but since I started using Hairgeniks , the balding has stopped and my hair is more thicker and fuller than ever. Thanks Hairgeniks for transforming my life "

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